Investment Aircraft is expert in the field of aircraft procurement, sales and aviation consultation. Our doors have been open for business for over 15 years, and our highly experienced team are focused on the providing genuine value to our clients.

By applying our knowledge and expertise towards achieving the goals of our clients, we are able to engage with the market effectively for the purpose of either sourcing a suitable aircraft or realising fair market price for their asset.

In knowing where to find value and how to identify pitfalls, we are able quickly decide or advise whether to pursue a deal or not. In doing so we can save time and offer greater value to our clients. Our network of local and international relationships aid us greatly in knowing where to look. And our ever improving marketing presence show our discerning clients where quality service can be found.

Investment Aircraft sees trustworthy and accountable relationship with our clients as foundational to our businesses success.

We view the return of our clients as an encouraging proof of up holding this core value, to which we remain committed.

Our Team

Quinton Warne


Quinton Warne the founder of Investment aircraft opened our doors in 2001, and well we are still doing business so he must be doing something right!

He has been involved Aircraft sales since 1993 and to date was directly involved in over 1500 aircraft sales transactions. He holds a degree in Marketing and Sales management and is a highly qualified pilot with over 3000 hours logged on both fixed with and rotor wing.

Quinton has a relaxed approach and is always willing to spend a little extra time to discuss a clients needs. With his substantial experience and knowledge of the industry he has given many of our clients advice with regards finding a solution or best course of action

David Lewis


David started in aviation in 2007 at Lanseria International Airport. He began there in a junior aircraft sales role focussed on sourcing stock, before being made a fully-fledged salesman.

In 2010 he joined South Africa’s, and indeed Africa’s, pre eminent Aircraft Assessment firm where he received training. Over a three year period he acquired certification as an appraiser via practical assessment and completing AME Theory in both fixed and rotor wing, turbines and pistons. During his tenure there, which lasted four years, he travelled around Africa and into the Middle East assessing aircraft for banks, large aircraft operators and private individuals.

Deciding to re entered aircraft sales in 2014 with a keenness to use what he’d learned, he has become accomplished in aircraft sales, aircraft acquisition and project management. David is committed to continuous improvement and is presently in the process of completing a Batchelors of Business Administration in Marketing.

David is a qualified pilot who thoroughly enjoys flying and has a passion for continuously finding ways to create value for our clients.